Life Events Plugin for SocialEngine

$39 - Plugin

Quick Overview :

If you are looking to add life events on your member profiles, then this is the right choice, they can add life events such as in a relationship, got a job, and many more.


Enhance your member experience on your SocialEngine PHP website, allow them to add the life events to their profiles, and people will comment, like and share those special posts in their community.



You can enable or disable the plugin from admin panel within seconds by using member level options.


Icons for Event types

In admin panel, you can change the images you wish to use for any event type.


Adding Partners

You can create the event types with partners, such as in a relationship, marriage, and others of your choice.


Adding Categories and Sub Categories

You can customize the categories types and sub types, its all under your control.


SocialEngine compatibility

v5.0.0 – 5.x.x


Product latest version




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