Country Restriction for SocialEngine

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Quick Overview :

Country Restriction/Blocking for SocialEngine, If you would like to block or restrict a country access to your SocialEngine website, this plugin is for you. Blocks the access of visitor by getting their IP address.


If you wish to block a specific country or multiple countries to access your SocialEngine website, then its the right choice for your website, this plugin provides various options for restricting the site for your visitors and help you target only specific countries.


Block visitors of different countries or only one country in plugin settings, it will block and will not allow them to get into your website.


IP Based Blocking

Plugin check the IP address of visitor and based on that gets the country of visitor and then block the access of visitor if blocked by admin.


Page Blocking

If you would like to block a specific page, it will block only that page for a specifici country.


Custom Message for Blocked Visitor

You can define your own custom message for blocked visitor.


Blocking with Popup

You can show a popup over your site content if you use that option, popup temaplte data can be customimzed from admin panel.


Design Template

Already designed templates available for usage for blocked visitors.


Blocking with Page redirect

You can also redirect your restricted visitor to a custom external link.



You can collect subscribers from blocked countries, your blocked country visitors can input their email addresses and you can export them as CSV as well with their country data for other usa.


SE compatibility

v4.5.0 – 5.x.x


Plugin is being updated frequently to keep providing our customers best features possible. All future updates are free forever once plugin is bought.

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