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Quick Overview :

Get to know your site visitors, know which pages are most popular among your site members or which pages are most visited by a specific member. Get your page analytics within your SocialEngine PHP Admin panel.


This Page Analytics plugin for SocialEngine PHP site is a great plugin if you would like to know more about your visitors on the site, its light weight and doesn't effect the core code of your SocialEngine PHP.


Having analytics of your site pages is great, you will know which of the pages are most visited logged in or logged out, which member is visiting which pages of the site. On these analytics you can decide which pages require more attention.


Global Setting

In admin panel you can turn the tracking ON or OFF with just one click save button.


Track Member

When a logged in member visits a page of site, it tracks along its name and page information. Further more, it will keep tracking every visit of the user so you can have the analytics about every user liking.


Track Non Member

It will track even if the user is not member of the site or logged out, whenever a user tries to access a page without logging in, it will track as not logged in user data. If not logged in, it will track the user ip as well.


Graphical Presentation

In admin panel, you can view the graphical prentation of the tracking, filter by specific user, page, day, week, month or year.


All Tracking list

In admin panel, you can see which pages are recently visited by which members, specificly you can also filter here by a specific user, a specific page or can group by member, page or date as well. 


Tracking Widget

A simple tracking widget comes with the plugin, which you can place on site footer and it will start tracking, it works by AJAX so it doesn't effect the page loading.


Track User Time Spent*

Now plugin can track the user time spent as well.


Track Referrer Page*

Now we also track referrer page as well, so you can know from which page user has come on the current page.


SE compatibility

v4.5.0 – 5.x.x



Plugin is being updated frequently to keep providing our customers best features possible. All future updates are free forever once plugin is bought.

* New featrues in release 5.3.0


Yes, it will track logged in user page visits.
Yes, it will track the public visits of the site pages.
Yes, just provide us your site details, such as Admin Login & FTP and we will install it for you without any cost.

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