Login Security - Two Factor & User Ban

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Quick Overview :

Enable two factor login on your SocialEngine Website. If you want to secure your users, that plugin is for you. It logs the password changes and login history for admin and user.


This login security plugin for SocialEngine PHP site offers your users to enable two factor authentication, if enabled your users will received a special code on their registered email which can be used for authentification. Its light weight and faster.


Having two factor authentication on your website for your daily visitor is important for your websites, people will feel secure that not someone can access their accounts without entering the OTP sent to their email. We have compiled a basic list of needs all of our valuable customers and created this plugin, with complete below details.


Enable/Disable 2FA

Admin can enable or disable the 2FA for specific member levels, users can enable or disable for their account as well.


Manage sessions

Users can see where ever they are logged in on the site, and from which IP and location. They can delete, or disable the sessions as well.


Password change logs

Users can see the logs of password changes that fom where and when the password was changed.


OTP Length

Admin can set the length of the OTP password.


OTP Expriy Time

Admin can set the expiry time as well.


Admin Export:

Admin can export the sessions and password logs to excel for analytics purpose.

Ban Users*:

Now you can ban the users for days, you can ban and enter number of days for the user to stay banned, and when user try to login, user will see coundown and the ban screen.


SocialEngine compatibility

v4.9.0 – 5.x.x


Plugin is being updated frequently to keep providing our customers best features possible. All future updates are free forever once plugin is bought. You can check the demo here.

*New release of 5.2.0 now has the Ban user feature.

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