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Quick Overview :

Turn on Automated Blogging on your SocialEngine site, add the RSS feeds in and make your Blog Plugin post automatically. Its light weight and faster. Keeping the latest news on site is very important now a days, this plugin will save you a lot of time and will get the news from RSS to site.


This Automated blogging plugin (Simple RSS to Blog - Automated Blogging) for SocialEngine is a great plugin if you would like to RSS feed posting feature on your SocialEngine without having to install big plugins on your site, its light weight and faster.


Having latest news on your website for your daily visitor is important, and we understand not every day you may get a chance to post latest news on your website and it is very time consiming thing to do as well. We have compiled a basic list of needs all of our valuable customers and created this plugin, with complete below details.


Add RSS feeds

Add your favroite RSS feeds in admin panel of this plugin and set how often you want to pull the news from them.


Title limit

We understand you may not want to get all the news, you can control the minimum text limit of the title to bring that news in your website blog.


Body Limit

From RSS you can apply a body text limit, we understand you may want to check if the news content is much to bring it on or not. That way you can control quality of your news.


Image extraction

If there is no image in the RSS news as default, the system will check the content to find image for that blog and will make its main image automatically.


Apply Keywords

Apply keywords to the blog created automatically, just add your keywords with RSS and it will be added to your blog created as well.



You can link the news comming from a RSS to a specific category, you can do this for each RSS very easily.


Remove External

If you don't want to keep the external links to your Blog body, then just one check box can help you with that, just click it when adding RSS in system and it will take care of all external links for you.


Default Image

If no image found for a news, you can set a default image for that specific RSS news, each RSS can have default image of your choice.


Set owner

For each RSS you can set different owner, select from your site users can be anyone admin, or default user.


SocialEngine compatibility

v4.5.0 – 5.x.x


Product latest version



Video Demo



Yes, absolutely. It supports all SocialEngine PHP 4.x.x - 5.x.x
Yes, its only developed for SocialEngine Blog Plugin to extend its features and keep your site light weight, if you need to make it for another plugin, please contact us for further quote.

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