User Export & Import Plugin for SocialEngine

$20 - Plugin

Quick Overview :

If you are migrating data from one site to SocialEngine or want to transfer users from one SocialEngine site to another SocialEngine site, this is the plugin you need.


Import and export your users using this plugin in the CSV format, its a very light weight plugin and it does not require any core code changes.


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Export Selected

You can search for records and export the specific records in the system. With filter of profile type, please see attached screenshots for reference.


Export All

Export at once all users, based on the profile type, date range of signups, Approval and enable status base. Very quick way to export users if you want to export by profile type. It will include the profile fields filled.


Import Users

With this feature, now you can import users into SocialEngine, in case you want to transfer data from one SocialEngine to another SocialEngine, its very easy now to import users, but in import, we only import main user information, not the profile fields.


SE compatibility

v4.10.0 – 5.x.x

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