Gamer Zone Theme for SocialEngine

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Quick Overview :

Gamer Zone is designed and created for SocialEngine PHP v4. It is attractive, modern, beautiful and user friendly. No any change required in SocialEngine PHP core code for installation.


Gamer Zone theme is designed and created for SocialEngine PHP v4. It is attractive, modern, beautiful and user friendly. No any change required in SocialEngine PHP core code for installation.

SE compatibility

v4.7.0 – 4.8.13

Product latest version


Plugin Support

It supports all official plugins of SocialEngine including mobile plugin.

Attractive Menu

Attractive menu effects for easy navigation.

Browser Compatibility

Compatible and tested with all major web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE8+ and Opera

Free Installation

Free installation and 30 days free support after sale.

Features & Details

Awesome Design:

  • The layout is wonderfully created for the most intuitive browsing experience.
  • Compatible with SocialEngine Mobi Plugin, just in case you are going to use this plugin to display your content on mobile devices.

Theme Options and Enchants:

  • To make things simpler for you we have built widgets with options, you can set each widget position in layout editor easily.
  • Here you can enable-disable some elements if you want to. Beautiful Landing Page Make use of the widgets built for your Landing Page.
  • The first widget of Landing Page is a Slider with updates shown in the most efficient way, like if you are going to use it for a social feed purpose then we can change it accordingly, that offers the possibility to change choose your own image..
  • Second widget is the key-features section to redirect the user at. by clicking on the buttons, user will be redirected to a specific link which is specified by the admin.
  • Third widget is the video section of the Landing Page, where you can easily embed/post the Youtube and Vimeo video (while Logged in),but incase you have enough capacity on server to store some videos then you can simply upload your desired videos to be shown on the video section. There is a wide ad banner of 728x90px below the video section.
  • Fourth,Fifth,Sixth section allows to show Classified ads (by users), Recent Groups, Events and Blogs. You can go to admin panel and select whether which widget is to show each of stated section!
  • There are two adhesive ad section on the landing page (On Header and below the video widget). Here you can post the ads in available sizes.
  • There are charms everywhere on the landing page, some are listed below:
    • Hover on "More" in header menu, and a dropdown list will appear.
    • Hover on any image in 2nd slider and the description related to that image will appear performing transitions and fading.
    • Customized scrollbar on 3rd (Video) Widget and 4th (Block type) widget.
    • Hover on buttons to perform fading color transitions according to the theme color being used!

Header & Footer - Layouts & Styles:

  • Header:
    • Header can be emerge as two ways, first is the dropown mini menu and second is the flattened mini menus on header bar. Admin can choose which way he want to show the settings (mini) menu in header.
    • There is a space for a wide (460x60px) banner ad in the header.
    • User can also set the number of main menus to show on the left side of the header bar from admin panel.
  • Footer:
    • In footer first section there is a description of contents posted on site, Admin can customize the section going to show on the footer section menu as well as admin can add a mini logo beyond that description.
    • In second section, Footer can show either Albums events classifieds videos or groups according to your pick.
    • Third section is the comment bubbles which shows the recent (Text only) posts made by the members.
    • The last section in footer, there is a member showcase which shows the equal number of members set by the admin.
    • Footer can contain social media links for your fan pages.

Mobile Mode:

  • There is a clean and awesome sign in and sign up page for mobile as an home(landing page).
  • Mobile Member home page is designed to accommodate the desktop uniform style.
  • Mobile chat is designed well for people to communicate with mind satisfaction.
  • Compatible with social engine core plugins.

Other cool features:

  • Slick and eye catching news feed (Member home page) style, easy and user friendly.
  • Available in 4 different colors, which can be changed easily from admin panel.
  • Changeable background image, (Note: There is an overlay of black transparent layer on background image so the image is less brighten thus the content on foreground could be visible properly).
  • Optimized and designed for Social Engine core plugins.
  • Works and looks perfect with all official SE plugins and any other plugins with SocialEngine standards.
  • Uniform styling across the core plugins.
  • Contents will change their color according to theme color being used.
  • Landing page is fully customizable for the content to show or not to show.
  • NO modifications of SocialEngine's core script.
  • Tested with all modern browsers (*IE9, Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox).
  • Best coding practices and techniques used for styling.
  • One-Time Free Theme Installation, Logo Installation & Color Change, at request.
  • Illustrated Step-by-Step Installation Guide, for an easy installation and configuration.
  • Delivered in moments.

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