Password Protection for SocialEngine

$19 - Plugin

Quick Overview :

If you would like to protect a page or multiple pages with password then this is the right plugin, as an admin, you can protect any page and make it password protected without making your website into Maintenance mode.


Set your desired password to protect any page, go to page and use the lock icon to protect your page.


Make the content Blur

Using option, you can either blur the content on background or just hide it if you do not want to blur the content.


Background image of your choice

Upload the image of your choice to put on background for protecing the content.


Hide or Show Header and Footer

If you want to show or hide footer along the content or not, its your own choice.


Demos: (Password: 123456) (Password: 123456)



SocialEngine compatibility

v4.10.0 – 5.x.x

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