Login with Apple for SocialEngine PHP

$20 - Plugin

Quick Overview :

Need to enable Apple login on your SocialEngine PHP? This plugin can help you to enable it on your site. Its a light weight plugin for your SocialEngine, No modification required in your SocialEngine Core.


Login with Apple allows your users on SocialEngine website to login using Apple Account, it can very helpfull if you are using a webview App for your mobile Apps, as Apple will not allow you to upload app if you do not have the Login with Apple on your website in webview app.



You can enable or disable the plugin from admin panel within seconds by just adding or removing widget in the footer of your website.


Quick Signup Support

The setting allows you to enable quick signup on your website which will be a good user experience.


Regular Signup Support

If you do not want to use the quick signup and want to use SocialEngine standard Signup Process, it will automatically fill the email and name from the data received after Apple Authorization.


SocialEngine compatibility

v4.5.0 – 5.x.x


Product latest version


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